Semantics Tea Reading Group

(chair: Magdalena Schwager)


DateTopicMain ReadingChair
28.10.Markus Egg"Scope below the word level" (abstract, slides)
4.11.Questions/Inquisitive SemanticsHagstrom 2003
11.11.Inquisitive SemanticsGroenendijk & Roelofsen 2009
25.11.Attitudes, Syntax-Semantics InterfaceMoulton 2009 Ilaria, Paula
2.12.Attitudes, Syntax-Semantics InterfaceMoulton 2009 Ilaria, Paula
9.12.CounterfactualsVeltmann 2005Dirk
16.12.(Amsterdam Colloqium)
23.12.-6.1.(Xmas holidays)
13.1.Attidutes, de re-ClassicsQuine 1956, Kaplan 1969Mingya


Interrogatives, Inquisitive Semantics

Inquisitive Semantics

Mission Statement (plus Links)

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Background on Interrogatives

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(more to come soon)

Background on Information States

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Attitude Reports

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