Magdalena Kaufmann (prev. Magdalena Schwager/Scheiner)'s Research

A note on what's in a name: Publications should be referred to by the name under which they were published. Regarding the older publications, I'm always grateful for pointers that mention the new name in addition (e.g. `as Kaufmann claimed/argued/etc. in Schwager YEAR') to help minimize confusion (space permitting, of course).

Areas of Interest

I am interested in just about any area of formal semantics, as well as its interfaces to syntax, pragmatics, and philosophy. I am working, or have worked, on the following topics in particular:

Languages I have been studying in some detail regarding one or more of these phenomena (or just for the fun of it) include my native German as well as English, Italian, Japanese, Tagalog, Hungarian, Slovenian, and Serbian.

Current and recent grants

Together with Stefan Kaufmann, I have been awarded NSF grant #2116972, "Research on conditional and modal language".

Together with Kavya Krishnan (Cognitive Science Major), I was awarded a SHARE undergrad research grant "How to reason in Nepali", to investigate conditionals in Nepali (spring semester 2022).

Publications & Presentations


Magdalena Kaufmann (2012) Interpreting Imperatives . Springer. (Studies in Linguistics and Philosophy 88).
(Revised version of doctoral dissertation, submitted and defended 2006 under the name of Magdalena Schwager, University of Frankfurt).

Papers & Manuscripts

As Magdalena Kaufmann:

(in prep.) "Conditions on conjunctive conditionals". Ms., University of Connecticut.

(accepted) [with Neda Todorović and Ivana Jovović] "Obviate me (not): Obviation effects in Serbian main and complement clauses". Journal of Slavic Linguistics. Prefinal version.

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(2022) [with John Whitman] "Conditional conjunctions informed by Japanese and Korean". In: Natural Language Conditionals and Conditional Reasoning (Special issue of Linguistics Vanguard, issue editor Mingya Liu.) De Gruyter Mouton.

(2021) [with Stefan Kaufmann] "Iffy Endorsements". Journal of Semantics. ffab017, https://doi.org/10.1093/jos/ffab017

(2021) "Imperatives". In Matthewson, Lisa, Meier, Cecile, Rullmann, Hotze and Ede Zimmermann (eds.) Semantics Companion. prefinal version

(2020) [with Stefan Kaufmann] "Talking about sources". In Mariam Asatryan, Yixiao Song and Ayana Whitmal (eds.) Proceedings of NELS 50. pp. 77-90. (prefinal)

(2020) "On the performance of modal objects". Theoretical Linguistics, commentary on Friederike Moltmann `Object-based truthmaker semantics'. (Links to target and commenatries)

(2020) [with Sanae Tamura] "Possibility and necessity: deontic and epistemic."
In Takubo, Yukinori and Wesley Jacobsen. Handbook of Japanese Semantics and Pragmatics (Mouton Handbooks on Japanese Language and Linguistics). (prefinal version)

(2019) "Who controls who (or what)". In: Proceedings of SALT 29. pdf

(2019) [with Adrian Stegovec] "Being relatively imperative in Slovenian". In: M.Teresa Espinal, Elena Castroviejo, Manuel Leonetti, Louise McNally, and Cristina Real-Puigdollers (eds.) Proceeedings of Sinn und Bedeutung 23. pdf

(2019) "Fine-tuning natural language imperatives" Journal of Logic and Computation. (First published online, June 18, 2016, doi:10.1093/logcom/exw009)

(2018) "What `may' and `must' may be in Japanese". In Funakoshi, Kenshi, Kawahara, Shigeto and Chris Tancredi (eds.) Japanese/Korean Linguistics 24. CSLI.

(2017) [with Stefan Kaufmann] "Stativity and progressive: The case of Japanese tokoro-da" Proceedings of Sinn und Bedeutung 21. [preprint]

(2016) "Free choice as a form of dependence" Natural Language Semantics 24:3; pp. 247-290.

(2016) [with Stefan Kaufmann] "Mood and Modality." In Nuyts, Jan and Johan van der Auwera. Handbook. Berlin: de Gruyter.

(2015) [with Stefan Kaufmann] "Conditionals and Modality" In Fox, Chris and Lappin, Shalom Semantics Handbook. Wiley-Blackwell.

(2015) [with Adrian Stegovec] "Slovenian imperatives: You can't always embed what you want!"In: Proceedings of SuB 19.

(2015) [with Ting Xu] "Almost or almost not? The interaction between chayidian `almost' and negation in Mandarin Chinese"
In: Proceedings of CLS 49.

(2013) [with Claudia Poschmann] "Embedded Imperatives and Echo-Questions." Language 89:3, pp. 619-637.

(2013) [with Fabrizio Cariani and Stefan Kaufmann] "Deliberative Modality under Epistemic Uncertainty". Linguistics and Philosophy.

(2013) "Satztyp und Semantik."
In Altmann, Hans, Meibauer, Jörg, and Markus Steinbach. Handbuch Satztypen. Berlin: de Gruyter.

(2012) [with Stefan Kaufmann] Epistemic particles and performativity. In: Proceedings of Semantics and Linguistic Theory (SALT) 22. pp. 208--225.

As Magdalena Schwager:

(2011) "Imperatives and tense." In Musan, Renate and Monika Rathert. Tense Across Languages. Niemeyer. pp. 37--58.

Speaking of qualities. In: Proceedings of SALT 19. CLC Publications. pp. 395--412. (bib)

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(2009) [with Elena Castroviejo-Miro] "Amazing DPs" in: Proceedings of SALT 18. CLC Publications.

(2009) What is amazement all about? In: Proceedings of SuB 13. Hg. von Arndt Riester. Stuttgart: OPUS.

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(2005) "Permitting Permissions" in: Proceedings of the Tenth ESSLLI Student Session. In Judit Gervain. paper (leicht revidiert), handout

(2004) "Negating and Conjoining Imperatives" in: Proceedings of Console XII (2003). In Sylvia Blaho, Luis Vicente und Mark de Vos. Onlinepublikation

(2003) "Temporal Anchoring of Habituals" in: Proceedings of Console XI (2002). In Marjo von Koppen, Joanna Sio und Mark de Vos. Onlinepublikation

(2002) "Temporale Verankerung habitueller Sätze"
Magisterarbeit Universität Wien (Betreuer
Martin Prinzhorn und Arnim von Stechow) manuscript (pdf, 867KB)

(1999) "Development of the German Future Periphrasis" In: Wiener Linguistische Gazette.

Selected Presentations

As Magdalena Kaufmann:

(2023) [with Neda Todorović ] "The remote and the impossible in Serbian." Talk at FDSL 16, Universitä Graz, Nov 29-Dec 1. Handout

(2023) "Complex events in conditional conjunctions". Keynote presentation at METU Workshop on Conditional and Causal Reasoning. Gökova, Turkey. March 22-23.

(2022) "How to be impossible or remote". MIT Linguistics Colloquium, October 14.

(2022) Conjoining(,) conditionals and coherence relations. Talk at Philosophy of Language and Linguistics, Dubrovnik, September 6-10.

(2022) A compositional take on directive microvariation. (With a commentary by Daniel Harris) SPAGAD lecture series at ZAS, July 1. Slides

(2022) Practically out of control. CUNY colloquium, April 7. Slides

(2022) Commentary on Paul Portner `Speaking Frankly'. SPAGAD lecture series at ZAS, February 18.

(2022) Tracking presumed control. Invited talk at Workshop Agency and Intentionality 2, January 12-14. Slides

(2021) Topics in conjunctions are conditional. DIP colloquium, ILLC Amsterdam, December 17. Slides

(2021) Obviating differences. Invited talk at Terraling Workshop, October 24.

(2021) [with Ivana Jovović and Neda Todorović ], "Obviate me (not): Obviation effects in Serbian main and complement clauses". Formal Approaches to Slavic Linguistics (FASL) 30, MIT, May 13-16. Handout

(2021) [with John Whitman] "Conditional conjunctions informed by Japanese and Korean". Presentation at 43rd Annual Conference of the German Linguistic Society (DGfS), AG9: The semantics and pragmatics of conditional connectives Slides

(2020) "A semantic-pragmatic account of generalized subject obviation". Colloquium, University of Pennsylvania, October 8.

(2020) "Imperative Perspectives". Philang Reading Group, University of Vienna, June 17. Slides

(2020) "A semantic-pragmatic account of generalized subject obviation". LinG Colloquium Series, Georg-August Universität Göttingen, May 20. Slides

(2020) [with Ivana Jovović and Neda Todorović ] "What makes DA modal", Presentation at Distanzworkshop auf der Burg, Thomasberg, Austria.

(2019) [with Stefan Kaufmann] "Iffy Endorsements". Philosophy in Linguistics and Linguistics in Philosophy (PhLiP) 6, Tarrytown, NY, November 14-17. Slides

(2019) [with Stefan Kaufmann] "Talking about Sources". NELS 50, MIT, October 24-26. Handout

(2019) "Iffy Endorsements" (joint work with Stefan Kaufmann). NYU Linguistics Colloquium, September 26.

(2019) "Who controls who (or what) - evidence from embedded imperatives and other directives". Invited talk at SALT 29, UCLA, May 17-19. Slides, Paper

(2019) "Conditional conjunctions and juxtapositions". Frege/Semantics Workshop, UC Irvine, March 1-2.

(2018) "Topics in Conditional Conjunctions". Invited talk at NELS 49, Cornell University, October 5-7. Slides

(2018) "Topics in Conditional Conjunctions". Talk at Nagoya Semantics Circle, September 23.

(2018) [with Stefan Kaufmann] "Iffy Endorsements". Talk at NINJAL, Tokyo, Japan, September 21.

(2018) "Topics in Conditional Conjunctions". Colloquium at NINJAL, Tokyo, Japan, September 18.

(2018) "Stay modal and we'll still have a story". University of Vienna, July 13.

(2018) Stay strong and we'll still have a story. Workshop Non Canonical Imperatives, Berlin, May 25-26.

(2017) "Japanese modals and other evaluations"Seminar Language of Desire, MIT, November.

(2017) "Iffy Endorsements", Workshop Questioning Speech Acts, University of Konstanz, September. [Joint work with Stefan Kaufmann.]Slides

(2017) [with Adrian Stegovec] "Imperatives - relatively Slovenian", Workshop Relative Clauses, Frankfurt University, May.

(2017) "Deontic logic for non-logical conditionals", Semantics/Pragmatics Workshop, Rutgers University, May.

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(2016) "What `may' and `must' may be in Japanese", Keynote talk at 24th Japanese/Korean Linguistics, NINJAL, Tokio, October.

(2016) [with S. Kaufmann] "Stativity and Progressive The case of Japanese tokoro da", Sinn und Bedeutung 21, September.

(2016) "Embedded imperatives", Workshop Imperatives: Worlds and Beyond. Hamburg University, June.

(2016) "Models for natural language meaning", Keynote talk at the Annual Symposium of the Association of Symbolic Logic (ASL). University of Connecticut, May.

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(2016) "Japanese modality: the view from formal semantics", Ritsumeikan University, December 17.

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(2014) "Embedded imperatives across languages: Too rare to expect, too frequent to ban", Colloquium, Department of Linguistics, SUNY Stony Brook, April 4. Handout

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As Magdalena Schwager:

(2011) "Imperatives between Form and Function". Phling-Talk, Northwestern University (February).

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(2023) [with S.~Kaufmann, T.~Mizuno, M.~Yang] "Problem solving with Japanese beki",
Poster at Sinn und Bedeutung 28, Ruhr Universität Bochum, September 5-8.

(2004) "Why Imperatives can(not) embed",
Poster bei Georgetown University Round Table, Washington 27.-29.3.2004. poster

Former Projects

Noun phrases in intensional contexts, Free-Floater Group, University of Göttingen.

Relativsätze und Intensionalität (Relative Clauses and Intensionality), DFG Forschergruppe 1783 Relativsätze, University of Göttingen/Frankfurt University.

CRC `Text Structures', University of Göttingen.

Speech Acts and Particles, DAAD-Cooperation HongKong-Germany [with Yurie Hara, City University of Hong Kong].